The Future of Card Swiping and its Security Effects

There has been a great advancement in technology since past few years, and the effects have been beneficial in different aspects of life, especially in security. When credit card was first introduced, there was no way it can be electronically read. But due to changes in technology, there has been a major improvement in the way it operates. Just by placing a card near the reader can, information that was once difficult to pass can be exchanged easily without any difficulty. Continue reading

Radio Frequency Identification and Its Impact on Supply Chain Management

When radio frequency identification (RFID) was first designed the main purpose was to serve as a supply chain management in warehouses. It was purposely designed either to replace or go together with conventional barcode technology. However, RFID was able to assist warehouse workers to carry out daily records with ease. It enables them to identify pallets, locate products in bins, ascertain the amount of items to be shipped, read the boxes on conveyor’s belts, and ensure that every necessary items were packed and included in the shipment.

The principle of operation of RFID technology is pretty simple and it works in a very similar manner as barcodes.

The application of this technology does not complicate the mode of operation of supply chain management, instead it makes things more convenient for the management personnel. The technology doesn’t prompt supply chain management personnel to make any serious adjustment. It is quite easy and workers who were familiar with the operational procedures of previous technology can easily cope with RFID technology.

This simple technology that works in a similar way as barcode is really making huge impact on supply chain management.

The early embodiment of radio frequency identification was significant to the additional future use of the technology.

How RFID Helps Improve Gate Security

The reasons for improved security is crystal clear to everyone. We know the dangers associated with insecurity. People in every part of the world are curious about the security of lives and property. No wonder why the RFID is becoming more popular. Security conscious individuals know why high end technology devices can help them maintain total control of their belongings. There’s no business that can survive without proper security. If you want to remain the legitimate owner of your property, then you must be able to secure them as long as you can.

One of the important points of security control is the gate. The gate serves a lot of purposes and it’s the first barrier that keep intended robbers away from your company. Securing your gate with the best security devices is very important as it gives you rest of mind over your property.

People who live in gated areas are usually more confident about the security than those who live in open places. There’s total control of traffic in gated areas which makes it possible to monitor every activities. However, gated communities also have their issues, as people may forget their password sometimes, or different manual issues may arise. These on their own doesn’t have any serious effects.

In older gate security technology, some people still gain access to the restricted area illegally using remote controls, which allow unauthorized to pass without interruption. This is one of the issues that prompted the development of radio frequency identification (RFID), which makes it totally difficult for criminals to enter gated community.

How RFID works to enhance gate security

RFID technology uses unique tags to enhance the security of vehicles. In each vehicle, RFID technology stores information about the car using tag. The car can then be identified with the help of the tag, which gives access to the car through gates. This is a top level security as every cars have their own unique tags. This technology has really makes it possible to monitor car movement in and out of gated community. It’s the best method available for now.

RFID technology is simple and convenient, and can be fully automated. In addition to that, it doesn’t require any paperwork or logbooks.

This same technology can easily see unauthorized people and criminals who attempt to access restricted regions. When such people are identified by the system, it sends signal to everyone living in that community. This makes it possible to contact appropriate authorities about any criminal act.

Another major advantages of RFID technology is time saving and convenience. The system works on automation, so it doesn’t require any manual action.

With this technology in place, it is quite easy to monitor the movement of people in gated areas, making it possible to secure property and prevent criminals from performing their action.

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ID Card Printers: HID Proximity Cards

An HID proximity card is a form used by individuals and businesses to secure identity, usually plastic, and about the size of a credit card. They are typically used as ID cards for companies, military personnel, hospitals, universities, hotels, etc.

HID proximity cards are known as smart cards because they can be read without being physically inserted into a reading device. Proximity cards are held close to an electronic reader, up to about two inches away or closer. The card and the reader communicate with each other by a radio frequency. These types of cards can typically be left inside a purse or wallet and can be read by simply holding the purse or wallet close to the reader – the actual card does not have to be seen. Most of these cards are used as company ID’s, access badges, and can also store an individual’s credentials within the card. Continue reading