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ID Card Printers: HID Proximity Cards

An HID proximity card is a form used by individuals and businesses to secure identity, usually plastic, and about the size of a credit card. They are typically used as ID cards for companies, military personnel, hospitals, universities, hotels, etc.

HID proximity cards are known as smart cards because they can be read without being physically inserted into a reading device. Proximity cards are held close to an electronic reader, up to about two inches away or closer. The card and the reader communicate with each other by a radio frequency. These types of cards can typically be left inside a purse or wallet and can be read by simply holding the purse or wallet close to the reader – the actual card does not have to be seen. Most of these cards are used as company ID’s, access badges, and can also store an individual’s credentials within the card.

Individuals and companies can purchase their own ID card printers and encoders and make and issue HID proximity cards themselves. You can purchase a simple one-sided ID printer, and they only get more complex from there. There are single-sided printers, dual-sided printers, laminating printers, and retransfer ID card printers.

Single-sided printers offer one-sided printing and often offer magnetic strip and encoding options. Dual-sided printers can print on both sides of the card in a single process and offer the same magnetic strip and encoding options. You can also purchase a laminating card machine separately or purchase it along with a single or dual-sided printer. These printers come with laminate to keep printed cards protected. It’s not a necessity by any means, but will keep cards more durable and can help prevent general wear and tear.

There are many great companies from which to purchase printers and the necessary items to go with issuing cards. They offer all the components you need – the required software, ID cameras, the cards themselves, badge holders, reels and lanyards, as well as any data capture equipment.

HID proximity cards are a great way to keep company rosters, identities, and confidential information secure. What is even better is one printer can control the whole process, from printing the actual cards to the reading equipment. Since you purchase all the equipment, it makes it easy to make any changes or add new cards as well. Get online, shop and compare printer companies and find the best fit.